prompting the past

frédéric clavert


digital memory studies

a french legionary, walking in a field, with black smoke of a fire in background

Chartist revolutionaries storming Westminster

Nalanda University in 1300 AD

biases and primary sources

questionning the past

« a portrait of Mr Bean as Napoléon Bonaparte »

prompts as open doors
to users’ imagination about the past?

« Napoleon bonaparte riding a shark »

a corpus of prompts about the past

« prompting the past »*

reading prompts

« what is digital history? an abstract painting by Vassily Kandisky »*

distant reading prompts

who’s prompting, users or machines?

« who’s prompting, users or machines? »*

joe biden doing a nazi salute, in front of brandenburger tor. huge nazi crowd in front of him. face of joe biden is clearly visible. canon eos r 3, f / 1. 4, iso 1 6 0 0, 1 / 8 0 s, 8 k, raw, grainy

should we create our own prompt-generating-systems?

« digital history »*

Charles De Gaulle bronze sur une plage de Normandie*