Controversies and commemorations:
the extreme right and the 2016 commemoration of the battle of Verdun
Time and Emotion: Extreme Right Visions of the Past

Frédéric Clavert / C2DH, University of Luxembourg

8 Decembre 2022

The Centenary

  • exceptional series of commemorations,
  • social media
    • intertwined layers of time
    • high frequency circulation of information
    • vibrations (Dominique Boullier)
  • mechanisms that favors the expression of emotion
    • retweet, like, etc

#ww1: echoes of the Centenary of the Great War on Twitter

Commemorating Verdun

Two main commemorations:

  • February 2016: “Saint Cyr” commemoration, ministry of Defence
  • 29 May 2016 (Ossuaire de Douaumont)
    • French-German
    • two controversies

A cold memory?