Nouvelles perspectives sur l’histoire des Humanités numériques

Frédéric Clavert, C2DH, Université du Luxembourg / @inactinique

Poincaré 2022, 6-8 juillet 2022, Nancy.

Que sont les Humanités numériques ?

Digital humanities (DH) is an area of scholarly activity at the intersection of computing or digital technologies and the disciplines of the humanities. It includes the systematic use of digital resources in the humanities, as well as the analysis of their application. DH can be defined as new ways of doing scholarship that involve collaborative, transdisciplinary, and computationally engaged research, teaching, and publishing. It brings digital tools and methods to the study of the humanities with the recognition that the printed word is no longer the main medium for knowledge production and distribution.

L’histoire des Humanités numériques: des jalons inévitables

Thomas J. Watson et Roberto Busa (1948)